Elvaston Parish Council

Serving the people of Elvaston, Ambaston, Thulston & Boulton Moor

Clerk/RFO: Fiona Keppel-Spoor
10 Willow Close, Aston on
Trent, Derbyshire DE72 2BX

Elvaston Parish Plan in conjunction with RMS Sports Consultants

Elvaston Parish Council, in conjunction with RMS Sports Consultants are in the process of producing a Parish Plan with the aim of shaping the work of the Parish Council over the next 7-10 years.

The Parish is increasing in size with the continued development of Boulton Moor and Buttercup Leys.

The urban and rural areas of the parish have very different issues and needs and the parish plan will help to identify areas where there is need for provision and improvement of services.

The plan also aims to pull all areas of the parish together collectively to ensure the needs of all parishioners are being met effectively and efficiently.

A Steering Group was appointed in the Summer of 2020 to develop a detailed questionnaire to be delivered to every household across the parish, with responses recorded using Survey Monkey.

As part of this process, pop-up consultations were held over 4 dates in both the urban and rural areas of the parish, and visitors to the pop-ups were asked to write, anonymously, three good things about the parish and three areas for improvement.

The survey was delivered in January 2021 and a fair response was received - the details of which are currently being analysed to form the plan which will hopefully be delivered to the parish later this year.

Covid has affected the way consultation has been carried out and we have relied largely on Zoom meetings to share information and develop the questions - no mean feat when we are working to a tight schedule - but thanks to Rachel from RMS, she kept us focussed and we got there!