Elvaston Parish Council

Serving the people of Elvaston, Ambaston, Thulston & Boulton Moor

Clerk/RFO: Fiona Keppel-Spoor
10 Willow Close, Aston on
Trent, Derbyshire DE72 2BX


Flood Guidance - Elvaston and Ambaston

All homeowners are advised to prepare for flood events even if flood defences are installed in your area. Past flood events have caught out homeowners who have failed to plan for the eventuality of a more extreme flood event.

If flooding does occur and you or a neighbour are in difficulties, please call the SDDC emergency help line or The Environment Agency. They have dedicated staff available and will arrange assistance if possible.

If a life threatening situation arises, you must call 999 first.

As well as over-topping river banks and other water courses, heavy rain can also cause flash flooding of roads.

If you think your property is at risk of flooding, take appropriate steps to protect your property, and alert the Highway Authority, and SDDC, who can make available the sandbags and plastic sheeting; which could protect your house.

Sign up to Flood Alerts/Warnings

The Environment Agency provides a Flood Warnings Direct service to the public that is free to sign up to. The service provides the opportunity to receive flood warnings and/or alerts by phone, text, email or a combination of these messages.

Visit here to register for free alerts or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188

You should prepare a personal flood plan. Consider what you would need to do if your home was likely to be flooded and write it down. Thinking about this now could save valuable time if an emergency did occur.

Some considerations:

  • Moving valuable items, pets, cars
  • Locating your gas/electricity supplies
  • Planning an escape route
  • Putting together an emergency kit which could include a supply of food and water, first aid kit, phone and charger, contacts list, torch, radio, medication, insurance documents and money

For information on:

  • Live flood alerts and warnings
  • Current river levels
  • A three day flood forecast
  • Flood mapping

...visit the Environments Agency's website.