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Serving the people of Elvaston, Ambaston, Thulston & Boulton Moor

Clerk/RFO: Fiona Keppel-Spoor
10 Willow Close, Aston on
Trent, Derbyshire DE72 2BX

Cllr Stephanie Thompson

Cllr Stephanie Thompson

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Personnel/Employment Advisory Group

I have lived in the parish for nearly 20years, first in Ambaston for 13 years and now in Thulston. I have a strong family history in the area with my grand-parents living in Borrowash, where my mother grew up and my great aunts and uncles living just out of Borrowash on the way to Risley. My grandparent's didn't leave the area until I was mid teens, so I have many happy memories walking to ShackleCross and also the bakers in Borrowash itself. The baker said to me "if you can tell me how many are in a baker's dozen, I will give you a hot cross bun". I was about 6 at the time. I did and he did. Oh happy memories.

13 years in Ambaston brings memories of being cut-off due to flooding 3 times and Dad planning on bringing his lorry to get me out of Ambaston one Christmas, which fortunately was not necessary as the floods subsided just in time. Again fantastic memories of the area.

I appreciate the supportive village community especially due to the restrictions we have all coped with throughout Covid troubles. Seeing the villages rally round to celebrate live Christmas Advent windows, showing our appreciation to the postman and binmen. Santa coming to visit the village and hand out presents. I love village life and would not be without it.

I feel very privileged to be living right next to Elvaston Castle and want to preserve what we have in the area and maintain it for future generations.